Xtreme Cycle Moto Cam Review: Red/Black & Blue/White

Xtreme Cycle Moto Cam Review – The Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam is a great RC motorcycle that allows kids to record their riding adventures. From a helmet point of view, your child can do tricks, race, and jump ramps with everything being recorded. This helps make it stand out from other traditional remote control toys.

Xtreme Cycle Moto Cam Review

With the included SD card and USB cord, the videos can be uploaded and shared so everyone can see what he or she has been up to riding around the neighborhood. The best part is that the video function can be enabled and disabled with the remote control so that recordings can take place at the peak of a jump or while racing over a curb.

The card is large enough to store up to 90 minutes of video which can then be transferred to a smart device, computer, or any other storage/playback hardware. The camera itself is in the helmet of the driver so you get a “first person” look at everything the driver is experiencing.

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Having more than one will allow siblings and friends to race each other, compete for the best tricks, and create awesome videos showing the other drivers as they ride by each other or in some cases into each other.

Standing at about 12 inches tall, the Xtreme cycle is extremely durable and has been designed to be driven over a variety of terrains and obstacles without being damaged. One of the most exciting aspects is that with gyroscopic technology and subtle side extensions if the cycle crashes, misses a ramp, or makes a turn too sharply it can bounce back up.

Never having to manually pick the bike back up when it skids to the side allows for even more play time. Not to mention it’s perfect for more extreme stunts that some imaginative children will probably develop. Plus it allows for more practice as they get the steering down and make ample use of the Xtreme ramp.

Xtreme cycle

The set includes everything that you need to get set up and racing right away. The cycle and rider, a 4GB SD card, wireless remote control, motorcycle ramp, and a USB cord and adapter. There are two options for the motorcycle and rider which include red/black or blue/white color combinations.

The bike itself is mostly black but the front part of the bike as well as the riders clothing will be different colors depending on the chosen color combo. It is a great way to get something that matches your child’s color taste and allows for some personalization so that not everyone has the same bike.

While the recommended ages are 8-15 years old, younger children will also enjoy this. Just remember that someone will probably need to provide assistance in uploading any recordings that they want to show off to friends and family. The stabilizing features makes it great for both beginners and advanced RC users.

You will need to have 2 AA batteries for the remote control and the cycle itself is loaded with a rechargeable battery.

Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam

The Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam is a great toy that a wide range of kids with various experience levels with RC items can enjoy.

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