Top FurReal Friends Toys 2018-2019

The Popular FurReal Friends Toys 2018 for Your Little Ones

In the last few years, FurReal Friends have become extremely popular among children because of their robotic movements and interactions. Hasbro created these furry little friends over ten years ago and new ones continue to come out every year which are always a big hit.

Top FurReal Friends Toys 2017

One of the things that makes these toys so popular is that they come in a variety of real and imaginary animals each with its own special accessories, sound effects, and movements. So whether your child is still looking for that real like puppy or maybe they have always wanted a pet dragon; there is something for everyone.

All of the pets interact with children using lifelike movements, have an associated app, and come with a pet care/instruction manual so there is never any question as to how best play with the new household family member.

FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn

Every little girl used to a want a pony; right? Well it could just be that a unicorn could qualify as a very viable substitute. The first thing that separates StarLily from a normal horse is the fact that she has a color changing horn between her eyes that lights up. This helps instill the magical feeling that goes along with a pet like this.

FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn

She is a light purple all over with decorated purple butterfly like wings. These wings move and flutter as part of her interactions with your daughter. She has purple hooves and purple lashes which outline her dark blue eyes. In contrast to the rest of her, her mane is actually a combination of three colors; blonde, purple, and pink.

Her tail is a bright blonde color. Because of the length of both the tail and the mane, it can be braided and decorated for a unique StarLily look. Besides her different interactions by touch and sound, she also comes with a strawberry treat that will make her giddy with happiness.

FurReal Friends Butterscotch, My Walkin’ Pony Pet

So maybe an unicorn is not quite the way to go and your daughter would much rather actually get that pony she’s been asking you for quite a while now. Well Butterscotch is a pony that is the same color as her namesake. Her entire coat is a lovely butterscotch color with white hooves, mane, tail, and nose.

FurReal Friends Butterscotch, My Walkin' Pony Pet

Her accessories include a brush so her coat can be groomed on a regular basis as well as a hair clip to add just a touch of spice to her look. She is capable of moving her ears, nuzzling, and making sound effects during feeding times.

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon

Torch the Dragon is by far one of the most popular toys in the 2016 holiday season. There are multiple reasons for this but the fact that it is a dragon helps substantially. She also does a few extra mechanics than the older FurReal friends do. For example, there is a water tank that can be filled with fire causing the dragon to actually breathe flames (colored water mist).

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon

The s’mores treat included also changes color. With the dark blue coloring, purple highlights, and orange ear and tail tufts, this pet is a good option for both girls and boys. Torch also has more than fifty motion and sounds combos in response to your child’s touch so that each activity can bring on a surprise.

FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet

Yet another nontraditional pet, Cuddles is a fantastic monkey to keep around the house. Not only is it a safe monkey as opposed to something like a chimp; she is dressed as a baby and perfect for any child wanted to not only have a pet but have a baby monkey.

FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet

She is all brown with a tan stomach, face, ears, feet, and hands. Her bright blue open and close as she is put to bed and woken up for the day.  Cuddles’ diaper is white with a decoration of pink FR symbols, hearts, and flowers. There is also an adorable pink flower clip that goes in her hair.

This giggly little monkey has over 100 responses to different touches and movements. Along with the giggling, she also makes traditional monkey sounds and will get super excited when hung upside down. Your children will love exploring all the different reactions of their new animal companion.