Tech Will Save Us Creative Coder Kit Review

Tech Will Save Us Creative Coder Kit Review

Tech Will Save Us Creative Coder Kit Review – This is a chance to save the world with a bright knowledge of coding and programming. This Creative Coder Kit offers you and your children a fun, brain-stimulating experience. The Creative Coder Kit has an optic sensor software that gathers data on movements, gestures, and reads light effects. Feel free to join the online community of makers and get to share your creations and compete with other children all around the world. Items you can create include a light Jedi sword, hot potato game, etc. Read up this review to get more gist on what this product has to offer.

Tech Will Save Us Creative Coder Kit

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No Limit to Your Creativity

Tech Will Save Us Coder KitThis kit was designed for children not less than 6 years of age, it comes with a visual coding software that allows you to load it with real-life data and control what it does with what it has loaded. This product is made in the form of a wristband, this is to make it accessible to you any time, and everywhere. All you have to do is insert 2 AA batteries, load it with light or program what you want it to do on an iOS or Android app, and you are good to go.

It is made purposely to enhance your child’s creativity and foster a strong foundation in the STEM technology. It offers a chance for your child to save the world and solve some of the world’s seemingly impossible problems by discovering codes and programming.

How to Start Coding

This creative coder kit is very easy to use, as you can build up your coder in just about 15 minutes and start having fun.

This is how it works:Tech Will Save Us Coder

  • couple up the coder and insert the batteries,
  • connect this finished coder to the coding software on your iOS or Android,
  • and start exploring the options available.

One flaw this item has is that it does not come with a built-in battery. However, you can easily solve this problem by buying very strong rechargeable AAA batteries and get things going.

This product is made from good quality materials, and a protective-Splashproof casing reinforces its durability.


Tech Will Save Us community and company in the bid to educate children on the importance of coding, programming, and the STEM studies have come up with this portable Creative Coder Kit. It runs on a coder software available on iOS and Androids. Get this for your children and let them start creating world-saving tech and get a chance to compete/play with other children all around the world.

Tech Will Save Us Creative Coder

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