Ravensburger Space Hawk Starter Set Review

Ravensburger Space Hawk Starter Set Review – The Space Hawk Starter Set is the cutting edge in combination hands on and digital play. Imaginative play has been combined with Smartphone technology to produce a highly entertaining, engaging and distinctive creative play experience for your child. The starting kit comes with the “Dawn of the Dark” expansion pack allowing for a new dimension of game play.

Ravensburger Space Hawk Starter Set Review

Allowing your child to combine their love of imaginative play with their fascination for technology, this unique game system will be a different experience each time they play. In the box is a realistic spaceship, five unique scannable game boards, “action robot” dice and an app that takes the whole experience to a new level in excitement and engagement.

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In order to get full use of this toy, your child will need access to a smart device so that the free app can be downloaded. The device then needs to be placed into the secure socket on the spaceship and let the fun commence. There are three different modes for your child to play with as they explore alien planets and start their adventures. Each mode has a different spaceship transformation.

Hover mode indicates to the phone that your child is ready to land on a planet’s surface. They will be delighted when the camera shows different surfaces and space stations on the tiles below. These boards can be scanned to open up 3D missions or have them drop the “action robot” dice onto the play area which will become an interactive part of the Smartphone game to fight their enemies.

Space Hawk Starter Set

No doubt every boy and girl will love traveling between distant worlds in the flight mode. Here the app actually recognizes your child’s movement as they are playing with the spaceship and turns the surrounding environment into a visually stunning outer-space universe. The crew of the spaceship will provide comments and instructions as your child guides the craft and a range of realistic spaceship sounds increase the enjoyment.

In Action mode, your kids will get to practice their hand-eye coordination as they zoom across living room navigating through asteroid fields to the farthest corners of the universe. The spaceship reacts directly to their movements so it will be up to them to safely explore space.

A child’s imagination will be unlocked like never before as the phone, the game boards, and the missions interact to form hours upon hours of intergalactic fun. Each time the spaceship is ready to fly, there will discover something new and interesting to discover.

Space Hawk has a cast of memorable characters whose back stories will intrigue young minds and add to the overall enjoyment of play. A great story and wonderful adventures across the universe are designed to keep your child engaged and focused on completing tasks of varying difficulties.

Ravensburger Space Hawk Starter Set

There are three other unique expansion packs available with even more amazing 3D adventures: Treasure of Shadows, Hunt for the Star Crushers and Escape from the Fading Star. If your child loves space, adventure, excitement and technology, they will love this gift. Get active, get involved, and let the adventures begin!

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