Loog Acoustic Guitar 3 – String Guitar Review

Loog Acoustic Guitar 3 Review – Musical instruments are always popular among kids but sometimes it can be hard to find a real instrument for toddlers that actually give them the real playing experience. The Loog Acoustic Guitar allows your child to get their groove on and accurately learn how to start playing chords and songs from day one.

Loog Acoustic Guitar 3 – String Guitar Review

Time to get past the musical kiddy toys that are made of plastic and have the colorful buttons to press. Let your daughter or son channel the inner musician with this solid wood guitar. In order to make the experience more authentic, it does need to be assembled. Building it themselves instead of just being handed the guitar will help instill a greater sense of ownership.

Imagine putting that acoustic guitar together and your child playing a Beatles’ song in the first day. It does only have three strings as opposed to the traditional six strings because it has been designed to be easily played and learned by a toddler and smaller children. The six and adjustable head means it will fit and be playable by almost any child. This prevents frustration from not being able to reach strings and master the dexterity needed for more advanced playing.

Any child that has even the slightest interest in creating his or her own music will love this gift. Or maybe you simply want to see if they have some musical inclination that all may not even know is there. No time like the present. The newest design has been approved by music educators as a great starting point for children.

Loog Acoustic Guitar

And just to make sure no one is at a loss with what to do with their new toy, it comes with a playing guide, video lessons, and an app tuner. There are quite a few songs from popular artists including the Beatles, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, The Rolling Stones, and Taylor Swift. This provides a well-rounded musical base from the classics to more modern music.  You can even start to learn to play the guitar when the kiddos aren’t looking.

It can be easy to simply consider this a musical toy but it is indeed a fully functional guitar that is handled just like any other guitar an adult would play except adapted for someone smaller. Not to mention this is a much cheaper option than buying a full sized guitar and guitar lessons simply to find out your child might not be all that interested.

The Loog Acoustic can be used as a diving board into a full blown musical career. Let your child channel their inner Stevie Ray Vaughan and rock out. Once they have mastered the three note instrument it will make it much easier to know what to get them in the future to help scale up their talents.

Loog Acoustic Guitar 3 – String Guitar

Many children love music in every shape and form. This is very evident from the musical shows that are so popular on television. At the very least they can spend their days playing and learning songs throughout the day to play for you, family, and their friends. It is definitely something that friends will want to partake in and try out. Might as well get ready for some concerts going on in the living room.