littleBits Rule Your Room Kit Review

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit Review – The littleBits Rule Your Room Kit is the perfect solution for inventive kids who want to take charge of their own personal space. Whether they are looking for a mechanical “no no” shaking finger to warn people to stay out of their room or if they want a burglar alarm to go off when certain objects are moved, your children will find a use for this kit.

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit Review

The LittleBits brand is kind of like electronic Legos in that children will be learning about the different ways to use circuit boards with currents to cause certain actions to happen. Because of the company’s inventive approach to getting people interested in engineering and inventing, it has been the winner of a variety of awards. Some notable mentions come from the Wall Street Journal, Parents Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Wired.

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With the electronic building blocks, there are over a 1000 online inventions which means these kits can literally provide weeks upon weeks upon weeks of different activities and inventions. The kit itself includes everything to get started with instructions for 8 engineering projects including a secret safe, a burglar buzzer, and sound sensitive light up creepy eyes to scare people away.

It is important to note that each kit only has the materials to create one project at a time so more will be necessary if your child wants to really deck his or her room out with gizmos and gadgets. The pieces are color coded by function for pieces that make sounds, light up, serve as sensors, power source, controls, and motors. For safety purposes, everything is connected by magnets.

electronic building blocks

With no wiring or programming required, it will be much easier for your child to channel creative energies into inventing and experimenting with the different aspects of the Rule Your Room Kit. For beginners, there is an included booklet which helps to introduce basic lessons of how electricity works with current and conductors. More advanced users will love the interface options so that actions can be connected to a computer.

The recommended age group is 4-9 years old but can surely be enjoyed by older kids as well who may have never had a chance to experiment with activities like this before. Now is the time to encourage STEM learning in the younger generation as it will be them who creates the next big steps for the future of technology.

They can also work on critical thinking and problem solving skills while trying to accomplish different actions that may not be laid out for them directly somewhere else. You will be surprised as what they will be able to come up with on their own to deck out, light up, and protect their bedrooms.

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

So if you are looking for a way to get people away from traditional toys or video games with some educational and enjoyable then this is the way to go. Set the foundation early with this top rated STEM toy and let your child’s imagination, intelligence, and creativity combine itself into a multitude of unique projects that they simply can’t do on a phone or in front of a television.

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