LEGO City Airport Air Show Building Kit (60103) Review

LEGO Airport Air Show Set (60103) Review – There is just something fascinating about planes to children. If your child loves going to jet shows, riding in planes, or simply points them out every time they fly by then you should consider picking up the LEGO City Airport Air Show Building Kit. It has everything you and your kiddo will need to run their own successful show.

LEGO City Airport Air Show Building Kit (60103) Review

This kit comes with 670 pieces making it ideal for younger ages. The recommended ages by LEGO are 6 -12 years old but can be used by older or younger children. There are many small parts because of the attention to detail so the younger your child the higher risk of choking hazard.

The main focus of this set of course is the planes. For girls and boys who want to go more old school, there is an orange propeller plane with a rotating front end propeller. There are also two jets both with opening cockpits to help give a feel a realism. They are red, black, and white. This allows for pilots to be placed in the cockpits to fly the jets to perform tricks in the air.

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There are six miniature figures to meet every need of the planes and the airport. There is a mechanic to work on the planes and an airport worker to help them park, take off, and land. And of course we can’t forget the most important person needed to run an air show – the plots. There are four in total with two boys and two girls. This makes the city airport collection great for both boys and girls.

LEGO City Airport Air Show Building Kit (60103)

The addition of so many characters along with the planes means quite a few people can play together at once. Whether this means you want to show your child how to spin that jet through the air or if your daughter and son want to have friends over to play all day, it can happen without people fighting about being left out.

Well planes need to have somewhere to hang out when they aren’t in use. There is a five inch high hangar that is large enough to have one of the planes sitting in it at any time. This is the perfect place to keep jets that need to be serviced before they go back into flight. Or they can sit right outside of it as they get ready for takeoff.

There are accessories for the mechanic and an airport worker which includes a gasoline barrel with a rolled up hose so the planes can be fueled up. Don’t forget to remind your child that it is not safe to fly without adequate gas. There is a rack to hold a group of tools for repairs and a walkie talkie so that everyone throughout the airport knows any pertinent information. Two bright red paddles are for use by the worker to safely tell planes when it is clear and safe for takeoff.

LEGO City Airport Air Show Building Kit (60103)

Last but not least is a mug that can be used by anyone. Does it contain coffee, hot chocolate, water, or milk? Let your kids tell you what their pilots and workers need in order to adequately perform their jobs. Mix and match with other LEGO sets and let your child’s imagination run wild when it comes to running the air show.

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