Ice Cream Cart by Svan Review

Ice Cream Cart by Svan Review – Many children admire their working parents and want a way to run a business and show off what they can accomplish. Well the fully stocked Ice Cream Cart by Svan is the perfect way for your child to mimic you, hold a job, and create their very own business that they can be proud of. Calling all ambitious and ice cream loving children and friends over to the neighborhood.

Ice Cream Cart by Svan Review

This is an extremely well made cart that comes with everything your child will need to have a very successful imaginary ice cream franchise. In the past you would have to go out and buy a large variety of woods, paints, constructions paper, and a variety of other crafts materials. Then you would have to spend days creating it all and putting it all together.

Save time and pick up this all in one toy that is constructed from real wood. To get the word out there is a wooden booth with a chalkboard and chalk so that your kids can write out flavors, options, and prices. The available eraser lets them change their menu as they see fit.

When orders start coming in and you go up to order your first cone, there is an ice cream scooper, wooden ice cream pieces, and a money box. You could even buy a set of some fake money or use monopoly money to work on counting skills that would have some real world applications.

The cart is white, blue and red with a red/white striped overhanging. There is a big blue wheel and blue legs to hold it in place. And to prevent any confusion as to what is being sold, there is a beautiful Ice Cream logo on the front with two colorful ice cream cones on display underneath.

There are over 30 pieces of ice cream products to play with which means so many different flavor combinations! There are cones, scoops/balls of ice cream, cups and popsicles. Anything you would expect to see when visiting the ice cream man when he drives down the street your child will be able to offer.

Ice Cream cart

Running this ice cream business allows your child to develop creativity, expand their imagination, and also build stronger communication skills through social interaction. Not to mention, maintaining a successful pretend ice cream stand requires drive and ambition—your child’s inclination to set and meet goals will grow as they begin to make a connection between success and happiness.

Other than family play, this ice cream cart is ideal for parties and playdates.  Because the ice cream cart consists of so many elements, it offers an opportunity for cooperative play between children and their peers, which lends to the development of healthy relationships and social skills.

There is also room for more than one child behind the stand. The age suggestion is 3 years old and up but smaller children can also enjoy this with some adult supervision. A few of the pieces might be choke hazards.

Aside from these benefits, playing pretend business creates a learning opportunity for children, in which you can teach and model the values you hope they sustain as they grow, as well as teaching a basic level of financial responsibility.  Showing your child from a young age that earning money requires hard work teaches them to better understand the value of money.

Ice Cream Cart by Svan Review

The Ice Cream cart by Svan is the 2016 winner of Good Housekeeping’s Best Tony Award because it nurtures creativity, imaginative play, and has the potential to work as an educational tool.  This award is well deserved because this play ice cream cart offers endless hours of fun as well as ample learning opportunities.