Best STEM Toys 2017-2018 for Toddlers & Kids

Best STEM Toys 2017-2018 for Toddlers & Kids

Give an Educational Gift this Christmas Inspired by these Top 10 Best STEM Toys 2017

The perfect gifts for kids combine aspects of entertainment and education. In the past, educational gifts were not considered as ideal Christmas gifts for kids. The selections of fun-filled STEM geared toys have quickly changed this perception.

STEM/STEAM learning brings an aspect of play into learning and injects teaching into play. Kids can grasp subjects like science, mathematics, technology, engineering, and the arts much better when they enjoy it.

Here are some of the best STEM toys 2017 designed to offer endless hours of educative fun.

  1. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope Review

Every budding scientist would love a microscope, and one that talks raises the stakes. The Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope makes it to the list of top STEM Christmas toys. With the voice of Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warrior Bindi Irwin, this microscope is built to provide endless hours of fun learning.

The GeoSafari Microscope comes with 60 full-color slide pictures, and more than 100 quiz questions and facts about plants, everyday household items, and animals.  It also comes with a double eyepiece making it easy to view the slides. The microscope features multilingual support including English, German, Spanish, and French. An inbuilt slide storage accompanies the Talking Microscope. Three AAA batteries (not included) power the GeoSafari Talking Microscope.

  1. Future Coders Robot Races Coding Skills Kit

Future Coders Robot Races Coding Skills Kit Review

Coding is one of the multi-applicable skills kids should learn early. The ALEX Toys Future Coders Robot Races Coding Skills Kit teaches kids coding logic. It requires them to “transform into robots” and map out their path using directional tiles placed on the play mat. The goal is to solve challenges and race to the last square.

The kit comes with a Play Mat, Robot Hat, 44 Stickers, 30 Direction Tiles, Googly Eyes, a battery-powered Timer, and 20 Level cards. Kids can decorate their robot hat how they please with the help of the included stickers.

  1. Maze-O The Mighty Maze Maker

Maze-O The Mighty Maze Maker Review

Construction-based toys are always a hit on the list of Christmas gifts for kids. Give your young one something to build by gifting them the Maze-O 52-piece The Might Maze Maker. No clicking parts come with the set making it a quick and easy construction toy. The Maze-O helps children learn about strategy, critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving.

The set features 16 straight pieces, four ramps, 16 turns, eight dead-ends, and eight branches. Activity cards help your little one to create more than 30 different mazes.

  1. Go Go Gelato!

Go Go Gelato! Review

Kids love ice cream, and you can kick-start your young one’s career as the best Gelato master with the Go Go Gelato Logic Game. The game encourages children to use logic-based thinking to come up with different gelato mixes. The customer comes first, and kids can create customer’s orders using different scoops.

Go Go Gelato is a logic game requiring children to plan and think fast. The set features 16 cones, 54 challenge cards, 12 Gelato scoops,  and illustrated rules.

  1. Space Explorers Building Set

Space Explorers Building Set Review

Get the young space enthusiast the Gears! Gears! Gears! Space Explorers Building Set. It helps to foster imagination in kids and offers opportunities to build and design limitless structures. Kids can also carry out simple science and mechanics experiments using the kit.

The Space Explorers Building Set teaches children how to group, construct, count, design, and sort. The set features 80 pieces including astronauts, colorful stickers, planets, spaceship flag, sun, and so much more! The astronaut pieces stand at 2 1/2″ in height.

  1. 3Doodler Start Robotics Pen Set

3Doodler Start Robotics Pen Set Review

Get that budding engineer started out with a 3Doodler Start Robotics Themed 3D Printing Pen Set. It is what your little one needs to create two, four, and six-legged robots that can crawl or walk!  The 3Doodler functions as a tactile toy, it inspires creativity, planning, spatial understanding, design, and building.

The 3D Pen is completely kid-friendly and child-safe because it does not feature any hot parts. The pen features a BPA-free plastic construction as well.

  1. Smash Pong! Game

Smash Pong! Game Review

The Smash Pong Game is one of those Christmas toys that the whole family can enjoy. The game set comes with one smash pong launcher, 20 challenge cards, six balls, a storage/ target bucket, and a game guide.

Playing the game includes loading, strategic aiming, and launching the ping pong ball into the included target bucket. Smash Pong is a game for two players or teams.

  1. Power & Play Motorized Building Set

Power & Play Motorized Building Set Review

The list of best Christmas gifts for kids would not be complete without the K’NEX K’Nex Motorized Building Set. It comes with 529 assorted pieces including connectors, wheels, and rods in different sizes. The pieces click together to create limitless selections of 3D configurations. Watch as the 3D creations come to life with the help of the included motor.

A suitcase-style re-usable packaging accompanies the set making it easy to take on-the-go. The game encourages STEAM learning by strengthening your child’s  hand-eye coordination,  building their problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. It also sparks your child’s natural creativity, imagination, and curiosity. A parts guarantee accompanies the set, which means you can get replacements for missing or broken parts.



There are no better Christmas toys for kids than robots. The UBTECH Jimu Builderbots Kit allows your child to build their personalized robots. It features four smooth robotic servos motions, 1 LED, 357 snap parts, and one infrared sensor.  The Robotic Building Block System enhances your child’s STEAM learning by providing valuable skills combined with fun.

Blocky teaches how to code, and the robot can perform some incredible movements with the aid of the pose-record-play function. Kids can connect with others and share their designs through the JIMU robot app. The app is available for download on Android and Apple smart devices, and it helps to program and control the robot.

  1. littleBits Education Code Kit

littleBits Education Code Kit Review

The LittleBits Education Code Kit is the ideal student’s coding starter kit. It features fun and engaging coding and building games. Kids also learn engineering and coding skills integrated into the school curriculum. The set also follows Computer Science and NGSS standards making it easy to adapt into any school curricula.

Christmas toys can be fun and education too as this list proves. One thing is for sure; you can find the best STEM toys 2017 to gift this Christmas from this list!

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