Best Gifts for Teenage Boys 2017 – Top Christmas Gifts 2017-2018

Best Gifts for Teenage Boys 2017 is here! Looking for the Best Christmas Gifts for Teen Boys 2017-2018? Read our reviews to find out which things are top gifts 2017!

best gifts for teenage boys 2017-2018

7 Brilliant Gift For Teenage Boys – Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Teen Boys

Whoever said that shopping for women is not an easy task has not tried finding the perfect Christmas gift for a teenager!  Your son or nephew expects only the most awesome presents this Christmas. It can be a tall order for most parents who do not know what teens are into these days.

To save you from days spent trying to figure it all out; we have compiled a list of seven of the best gifts for teenage boys 2017.

#1 Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Review

Teens enjoy good music, but not with poor quality headphones. The design of Mpow Bluetooth headphone guarantees comfort, with an inbuilt ear cushion. They also produce impressive acoustics for a good music listening experience.

Besides, the headphones produce impressive sound quality and an inbuilt mic that enables receiving of calls hands-free.

#2 BOOM Swimmer DUO

BOOM Swimmer DUO Review

If your son enjoys tinkering around with electronics, get him the BOOM Swimmer DUO speaker. The speaker comes with shockproof, dirt proof and waterproof capabilities.

Use the BOOM Swimmer anywhere by just looping it around any object. You can even link two to function as right and left speakers to produce better sound quality.

#3 LUXUR 37L Waterproof Laptop Backpack

LUXUR 37L Waterproof Laptop Backpack Review

Just right after Christmas, it is New Years, and then back to-school.  The weather is not always kind, and your teenager could use the LUXUR 37L waterproof backpack.

The backpack can accommodate a 15.6″ laptop and protects it from the rain. It features a high-quality Terylene Fabric construct giving it waterproof capabilities. Your teen can also use it for hiking and camping trips.

#4 DoDoeleph Syma X56W RC Drone

DoDoeleph Syma X56W RC Drone Review

Drones have kept on popping up on gifts for teens’ lists, and this could be the best time to get your son the Syma drone. Fly the drone without a transmitter with the help of the exclusive app.

It features a rotating colorful LED light, which means you can fly it at night. The drone also comes with an HD WIFI camera capable of transmitting images and video in real time.

#5 Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard

Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard Review

Skateboard powered by electric motors coupled with simple braking systems makes for the ideal Christmas gifts for teens.

Don’t worry about it getting worn out because the Boosted Dual+ Skateboard was built to last. Your son will be on the road for a very long time. It is light to carry around and offers fast acceleration.

#6 DropMix Music Gaming System

DropMix Music Gaming System Review

Let your teen access some good music with the DropMix Music Gaming System. It allows him to collect and collate all his favorite music.

The system also supports gaming with up to four friends. With the special DropMix app, every mix becomes a party.

#7 PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console Review

Christmas means dusting up all the fun toys and enjoying some family game nights. The PS4 is a gift for the whole family, and it now comes in a lighter and slimmer package. The PlayStation 4 features a 1TB storage space, which is enough to accommodate your son’s favorite games, TV shows, and music.

Best Gifts for Teenage Boys 2018