Best Baby Dolls for Girls 2017 to 2018

Best Baby Dolls for Girls 2017 to 2018

Earn the Best Santa Points this Year with Our list of the Top 5 Best Baby Dolls for Girls in 2017

Dolls rank up high on gift lists, and they also make it to our list of the best baby dolls for girls 2017. The reason is simple; they are timeless and ageless gifts. Little girls love dolls, and your young one will appreciate adding one more to her collection.

If you need the perfect Christmas toys, our list of new dolls 2017 should point you in the right direction.

1. Luvabella (Blonde Hair, Brunette Hair, Dark Brown Hair)

Luvabella (Blonde Hair Brunette Hair Dark Brown Hair) Review

Give your little one a realistic baby doll by getting her one of the Luvabella dolls. The adorable interactive baby doll makes movements and facial expressions that are true-to-life. Teach her through play and expand her voculary to include over 100 complete phrases and words.

Luvabella comes with interactive accessories including a pacifier, Lamby toy, spoon, and bottle. The interactive doll teaches your daughter nurturing skills as she feeds, soothes, burps, plays, and puts Luvabella to sleep.

2. American Girl WellieWishers Willa Doll

American Girl WellieWishers Willa Doll Review

Willa is the perfect gift for a nature-loving little girl. Willa loves animals and the outdoors. She climbs trees and can never send off a furry little friend. Willa stands at 14.5″ in height making her just the perfect little friend for your daughter. She comes with a cute little outfit including a hedgehog tee, green printed skirt, satin ribbon, light pink underwear, headband with bunny ears, and red wellie boots.

Willa’s eyes are hazel in color, and her hair is silky strawberry-blonde in color styled in long pigtails, but your little girl can brush it and style it as she pleases. Let your daughter and Willa have a group of friends by getting her other WellieWishers dolls. They include Ashlyn, Emerson, Kendall, and Camille.

3. L.O.L. Big Surprise Doll

L.O.L. Big Surprise Doll Review

The girl who loves surprises needs an L.O.L Big Surprise Doll. The limited edition comes with 50 surprises encased within an enormous, glittery purse-shaped ball. It comes with a little brochure to explain how everything works.

Also, it comes with a card including a scratch code which your daughter can use to redeem awesome prizes from the L.O.L Suprise website.  There are additional layers, and the first comes with ten gifts hidden in little capsule-shaped balls. The second layer has five larger capsule-shaped bath bombs each with three gifts for your daughter. The last layer has four balls containing four little sister dolls with several other surprises in them.

4. Flip Zee Girls

Flip Zee Girls Review

The Flip Zee Girls transform from babies to big girls just by flipping their swaddle/bonnet. The 2-in-1 doll stands at 18″ tall when fully transformed to a big girl and 12″ when swaddled. The cuddly toy features friendly eyes, a warm smile, and freckles.

She also has colorful yarn hair and a stylish one-of-a-kind dress. Choose between six Flip Zee Girls including Zana very Berry Strawberry, Zara Happy Flower, Zuri Kitty the Baby, Zuri Kitty Cat, Zoey Snuggly Bear, and Zandy Candy Sweet dolls.

5. Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy (Blonde, Brunette, African American)

Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy (Blonde Brunette African American) Review

The Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy doll comes with a hidden treat. Using ice water, your daughter can reveal the doll’s magical face. The doll has a bottle that she drinks from, and she can wet her diaper too.

The doll comes with a bottle, one diaper, one set of wings, one wand, and a removable fairy-themed outfit. Get your daughter either the Blonde, Brunette or African American doll to match her personality.

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